Divinely  Designed
Being changed into the image of Jesus

Foreword to 2010 Printing
By Elaine Gentry,
Tender Mercies Ministries
Birmingham, Alabama

When I first read "I Will Give You Rest," I was so grateful and excited.  At last
someone had written a simple, easy to understand explanation of inner healing.  I
immediately began passing copies out to everyone.

I have been a teacher, minister, and prayer counselor for 20 years.  It all started
when I myself experienced miraculous healing and transformation, primarily
through the ministry of John and Paula Sandford.

During my time in ministry I have seen thousands of other lives transformed and
healed as I had been.    Jesus did provide the way out of our pain and difficulty, but
we do need to understand how to have our sinful roots and structures healed.  This
process can be a very painful and difficult process, but so very rewarding.  It is the
only way to rest and peace.
However, there has long been the need for a single, simple instruction book for
people to follow in their healing process.

This is the book that has been needed.  Ed writes simply and clearly, and he uses
diagrams, illustrations, and examples which make it easy to comprehend the
sometimes complex material.

One of the most significant aspects of Ed's book is the emphasis on the truth that
each person has a treasure that God placed in them at conception.  We all have a
divine destiny, and God has equipped each of us with the unique gifts and
resources necessary to live out that destiny.  However, for many people that
treasure has been buried and ineffective.

Therefore part of becoming whole is to allow that God-given gift, which is the
wonderful "real you," to be released and brought forth to bless the world.  This
necessity has seldom been taught, but I have found that complete freedom and
healing can not occur without the unveiling of your treasure inside.  After all, this
has always been God's plan for you.

I am so happy you have this book in your hands.  I am sure it is a divine
appointment for you, and I pray you will find all the treasure inside yourself.

    Elaine Gentry is the Founder and Director of Tender Mercies Ministries,
    Birmingham, Alabama.  Since 1990 Ms. Gentry has been conducting inner
    healing seminars and retreats on the model laid down by John and Paula
    Sandford of Elijah House Ministries.  Her ministry has touched literally
    thousands of lives.

    The website for her ministry is:

Elaine Gentry went to be with the Lord early in 2012, but Tender mercies Ministries
still goes on teaching and mentoring the Body of Christ.

Foreword to 2005 Printing

By John L. Sandford,
Co-founder, Elijah House, Inc.

Ed Kurath has composed a most helpful workbook for Christian prayer therapists,
for those receiving their ministry, and in fact for every Christian in their walk with
the Lord.  Clear concise definitions help to clear away possible confusions.  
Copious biblical quotes and references ground the entire field of inner healing in
the biblical base in which it was birthed and to which it belongs, demolishing the
confusions of some who may still have tried to maintain that this ministry is
unbiblical.  The format enables easy comprehension of sometimes-complex
material, and the many diagrams add clarity - "one picture is worth a thousand

Ed's book is unique among the many I have recommended in that he includes many
quotes and footnotes from theological and professional counseling sources.  This
gives the book a wider range and perspective than most.

Ed speaks of the "Treasure Inside," and of our need to love and treasure our
hidden treasure.  This is especially valuable because it introduces a positive note
of transformation into what God intended us to be all along.  So often, inner healing
books focus so much upon discovering the hidden evil practices of our fallen
nature (see Colossians 3:9-10) that counselors, following that lead, have sometimes
tended to leave their clients feeling squashed and worthless.  Ed's emphasis lifts
both counselors and clients into the resurrection side of healing, and thus into
hope that abides.

Thus, Ed lifts the ministry of prayer counseling beyond mere healing, or restoration
to functionality, into God's eternal purposes of redeeming and transforming His
children's character into the nature of Jesus, which is what the word "salvation"
truly means.  Many in the counseling field see their task as healing, i.e. fixing
broken parts so they work.  Ed places prayer ministry in its true context, the work of
our Lord Jesus Christ not only to restore us but to use every incident of our lives
to write into our character that blessed nature - His - that alone equips us for

The book is intended to be a practical guide for all Christians who are serious
about their walk with the Lord, for those who want to be more successful in obeying
Him than they have hitherto been able.  Those who are willing to do the hard work
required to walk in the new way will discover great rewards.  The rewards will come
from the Lord as you become the person He has always wanted you to be.

At the same time the book is not intended only for those who have serious
emotional struggles, but rather for all of God's children.  We all fall short, and the
Lord wants us to be more successful.

To counselors I would also say, this book should become a most valued and active
resource in the libraries of all those whom the Lord calls to minister to the depths
of others' hearts and lives.  I recommend you make it a daily workbook, especially
urging clients to read it and put it to work as they proceed in prayer therapy, and
beyond, in their daily lives.

At present we have both printings available.  The 2010 printing is almost
exactly the same as the 2005 printing, except the new printing is 8 pages
longer, and it has some additional information included.  If you have a
preference as to which printing you would like, you can note that on your
order when you buy the book; or you can e-mail us at
edkurath@divinelydesigned.com when you place your order.  

If you do not state a preference, we will send you the 2010 printing.