Anger Problems
Anger problems are especially frustrating for

Most Christians tend to want to be "good Christians", and
so they hate their own angry outbursts.  They feel guilty
after they "lose it" and do something hurtful to somebody
else.  They feel like hypocrites, and so they redouble their
efforts to keep from getting angry - they try to "manage"
their anger.

"Anger Management" is a current buzzword.  Unfortunately,
"managing" anger does not work, and "trying" not to be
angry usually ultimately makes the situation worse.

If you are tired of fighting a losing battle against your anger,
if you have seemingly tried everything to manage it, then
you are right now in the right place.  

You are ready to hear how to cure the problem.

For Christians, there is a cure that
does work!

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Copyright 2008 Edward Kurath